Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Zero Hero

GWAS posted a great article about Teen Vogue and how TV is still embracing the super-skinny body image.

"The generic beauty ideal that Teen Vogue serves up for readers month after
month via its fashion, beauty and even 'real girl' editorials certainly eschews
the well-endowed (Vogue is no place for boobs – fake or real; suppress your
womanhood like a good girl, an androgynous, svelte 13-year-old boy figure is
what you want... "

I could not agree more. I can say that I'm an avid Teen Vogue reader. I used to buy every single issue but had stopped earlier this year because:
-I like buying other magazines and I simply don't have the dosh.
-Kimbal Hasting left and I don't seem to like Andrew Bevan.

I think Teen Vogue takes the advantage of them being a "Vogue" (dubbed as the fashion bible) as an excuse to their super-skinny policy. You know, it's like "Our magazine is the fashion bible so we do it the fashion-way. Who cares if you're a size 14." Unlike many other magazines, Teen Vogue has never had an editorial dedicated to "every body shapes".

Sometimes it's nice to buy a magazine where you can actually say, "Yeah, their clothes would fit in me (and don't break my bank account)."

Glossy Bits...

-November issue of Dolly is out! Miranda Kerr (for the third time in a month, I think) is a cover girl. And unlike Teen Vogue, Dolly has actual readers with various body shapes to model in the summer bikini photo shoot. Also, there's a Twilight pin-up. Yay!

-Rumour says: Channel 10 decided to cancel the new teen drama, 90210 due to poor ratings. Ch.10 said they planned to stop airing the show and instead save it for the summer program. Since its beginning, 90210 has received mixed response from the audience. Some like it, others don't. I watched the first hour of it and stopped - found it too dramatic, for some reason. The media has also been re-naming the show as 90210 - size 0, in response to their super-skinny actresses. I read somewhere, that one of them only weight 90lbs (40kg)


Julia said...

I agree completely with the whole Teen Vogue/skinny issue. As I commented on GWAS, I used to love reading Teen Vogue but these days, I've been feeling more and more nauseated when reading it - too many skinny models, leaving me feeling rather annoyed. Glad I'm not alone in this boat! :)


Celia said...

Hi Julia,

Yeah, I think a lot of people would share the same thought.
Skinny models I sometimes can live with it, I'm also getting annoyed by how they always feature top-end people (like the Philip Lim intern article,etc).

I'll see what they'd come up with in the next issue.
We'll share our opinion.