Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My apologies for the lack of update – I owe you a lot of magazines reviews.
I’ve been quite busy these days. Living away from my hometown, I finally settled down in the city I hate the most, Jakarta, to do an internship with one of the teen magazines. I’m still kind of figuring out what is it like to be an intern. Also, the working culture here is slightly different than in Australia; so there are a lot of times I feel that I’m struggling to adapt to their working style.

Anyways, I’ve been catching up with the glossy world via the Net and wow, the amount of glossiness I’ve missed since I lost contact with the E-world is outrageous. Here I am weeping because I am and will miss a lot of amazing stuff that hits the newsstand. FYI, there’s a very limited access to international magazines over here, and I hate it.

Glossy bits...

- Twilight.

It’s out, out, out! Be ready for eternal damnation.
And with Twilight sweeping the globe with its vampire love, check out Entertainment Weekly collector’s edition cover. I wished I could get my hands on it (even if it was just for browsing purposes).

Vanity Fair (Kate Winslet on cover) also features an article about Twilight alongside a great photo shoot of the cast.
I’ve read that some of the local papers in USA were also giving out some special feature on Twilight to celebrate the release of the movie. Even The Age (Australia) is swept in Twilight's frenzy - I was flabbergasted to see the weekend insert's cover featuring Rob & Kristen.
So much is going on about this, I’m surprised to hear people working in the local media industry still saying, “Twilight? Is it a new TV series?”
Go hide yourself under the rock for the rest of your life, missy.

- Teen Vogue has a new blog – Teen Vogue Daily. I like it, it saves me a lot of time clicking to the different blogs they have.

-(I assumed) Sportsgirl catalogue is out – the main theme is Festival. It's available online for browsing, so if you're after some summer inspirations, head to their website. I'm loving the 'Mix the Sun with the Fashion' spread.

So what else is going on in the glossy land of magazines?
Gimme, gimme updates…

Friday, November 14, 2008

Vogue UK - December 2008

With my obsession over magazines, having two magazines packed in the luggage and one in my handbag didn’t stop me from buying Vogue’s Fantastic Fashion Fantasy while waiting to board on plane.

Vogue's Fantastic Fashion Fantasy is all about exploring the unimaginable, the extraordinaire.

Editor Alexandra Shulman acknowledges the repeated cycle of having Kate Moss as their cover star, but she explains why Kate Moss has to grace their cover yet again.
“…The image of her lying there in clouds of Dior silk tulle seemed so appropriate for an issue dedicated to the fantastic that we used it alone on our gatefold cover.” (Instead of just a featured in “Unbelievable Fashion”).

The ‘Tale of the Unexpected’ fashion spread, that I earlier claimed to remind me of Wicked, is actually inspired by Road Dahl’s classic tales such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factories and James and the Giant Peach.
The photo shoots stars Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter photographed by Tim Walker, accompanied by Sophie Dahl’s writing about the power of imagination.

Jordan Dunn and Lily Donaldson models for “Unbelievable Fashion” showcasing best fashion pieces from various designer and time, each one uniquely created beyond the imagination’s boundary.

Four writers also contributed fashion fairytales to the Fashion Fantasy issue. I wished they have more; especially with Klaus Haapaniemi’s illustration. surrounding the text, the magazine suddenly looks like a book of fairy-tale collection.

All the ‘Fantasy in Vogue’ articles, like ‘Karl Lagerfeld’s Secret Ball’ and designers’ doodles in ‘In My Dreams’ are worth checking out. I’m amazed by Helen Storey’s idea about creating a dress using molecules and particles. The dress only last in a mere 9 seconds or less; the preparation took at least 3 years.

Aside from the Fantasy and imagination elements, Vogue’s Eye Spy section let us take a peek on world’s most fashionable events and parties during the fashion week. Editor Alexandra Shulman interviewed Miss V (Vogue’s regular Vogue Spy columnist) and found out how she scored a job that literally pays her to party all day all night.
Sarah Harris tried to work wearing haute-couture pieces, from Armani Prive, Atalier Versace, in every-day life. The result: she couldn’t enjoy lunch as much and received a lot of attention from women, envied.

I think this issue is worth buying and worth keeping – ignoring the all-skinny models and the unaffordable items featured. After all, this issue is celebrating the unusual, the unimaginable. The pretty cover and various ‘Fantasy in Vogue’ articles is really something to look at. The magazine also makes a good in-flight reading material, especially if your flight happened to show an extremely boring movie and offered no other entertainment.

[P.S, My limited internet connection doesn't allow me to upload pictures in instant. I'll try to upload some scanned pages from the magazines whenever possible.]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Flick: Teen Vogue Dec/Jan 2009

Teen Vogue's December/January 2009 issue is out, starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight) on the cover. So far, it looks quite good - photo shoot includes Gabe Nevins from Paranoid Park.

Update (What's inside):
-The fashion photo shoot starring Gabe Nevins and model Sigita Nedvecka in Venice, Italy is my favourite by far
-Nylon's It Girl and New York DJ Harley Viera-Newton got a mention in Style Blogger. I guess I'm about to find out who she is.
-Photos from the TV Young Hollywood Party
-Alexa Chung is the Girl of the Moment
-Teen vogue top 10 in 2009
-Articles on Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart
-A few articles about Hair styling.
-Nikon cool pix ads featuring Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester (Chair! Chuck & Blair!)


Monday, November 10, 2008


I bought British Vogue December issue for in-flight reading.
It's awesome. Review coming up soon.

Off to another country tomorrow and might be back with some local magazines.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Away - Be Back Soon.

Hello, dearies... How have you been?
My week has been filled with laughters and sunny days around friends and Wicked. I went to see Wicked the broadway musical on Wednesday and wow, it was amazing - equally thrilling as to hear Obama won the US Election.

Anyway, I'm taking off overseas this morning for the summer and usually, I wouldn't be able to update regularly because it's less likely that I would have a proper internet connection. Fingers crossed I would have a good one, so I won't be left behind in the land of glossy things.

I'll be occupied with Russh, Frankie and Teen Vogue November for a while before I'd have to start looking for more glossies. So keep checking back and drop me comments or updates you'd like to share. Teen Vogue November review should be dropped soon, 'coz I know it's getting a bit late. The Dec/Jan 2009 Holiday issue is due around 16 November.

Earlier while I was running errands for last minute packing (I'm horrible with it), I managed to do a 30-second flick through the latest Dolly and Vogue UK.

Dolly December (Rihanna* on cover)
It comes with a pair of thongs (choice of purple or pink).
Yay for Twilight boys and Supernatural pin-up.
I like the fashion photoshoot too for some reason.
*Anyone went to see her concert with Chris Brown? How was it?

Vogue UK December (Fashion & Fantasy)
It's Kate Moss (again) on the cover, but this issue looks quite exciting and unique. First, the cover is printed in a different paper material (the kind they used in paperback book). I saw some awesome fashion spread inside - I think it was inspired or in theme of Wizard of Oz. I'm not sure - maybe it was just me still deeply infatuated with Wicked.

Alright, I hope you have a wonderful November.
Good luck with exams (if you have one).

I'll be back soon.