Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glossy Bits - Late Edition

Glossy Bits
I was supposed to post this on Easter Monday, but somehow totally forgot about it.
Yesterday, a friend of mine came and she went straight to my magazine corner in my room. After 5 minutes of mumbling, "Seen this one and this one...", she finally asked me, "So, do you have any new mags?"
My pathetic reply: "Sorry. But no."
Yeah, truth be told I haven't bought anything since God-knows-when. Need to take mental health day :(

Leighton Meester on NYTimes.

On character Blair Waldorf: "I actually find Blair na├»ve. I look at young girls like her who are obsessed with guys and with being the most popular and the prettiest, and I just want to shake them. Maybe you just grow up a little faster when you’re a young performer, but I was definitely never like that."

Carl Riseley, the Australian Idol graduates (probably the only one Idol finalist I like), is set to release his second album on April 24th. The album is called "The Stillest Hour". And here's the video clip..

xoxo, C.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a Distraction (to Stop Me from Doing My Journos)

Random Things I Love...

Can't wait to get my hands on these glossies:
1. Harper Bazaar (UK)
2. Shop 'Til You Drop

TV Shows I want to religiously watch but never had the chance:
1. Dexter - it's on late at night & I need to sleep early because the next day I happen to start working at 8 AM. I suck at waking up early.

2. Criminal Minds - it's on at the same time with House, as well as Gruen Transfer & Lawrence Leung... asfghsajdhajgkiq!, there's so many entertainment on Wednesday night.

3. Medium - never had the chance to watch it since it's back on telly, because instead of being a couch potato on Friday night, I now work/hang-out/do uni work/too tired to do anything.
4. Skins - omg. I wish I had a clear reception for SBS.

Books & other inspirations:
1. The Age Cheap Eats 2009
2. The Secret Diary of a London Call Girl
Watched a few episodes of the TV shows & I fell in love with the series. Not because it has a lot of nudity & sex scene (duh! Underbelly has a lot of these too, you know), but I found the way they shot the scenes is a bit different. And I love London. And Billie Piper is gorgeous.

Little things in life:
1. Lemon poppy seed cookies.
2. "I want to go shopping!"
3. Nail polish.

Contemplating to create an account for:
1. Tumblr
2. Twitter
Big deal! You see, I HAD Twitter account in 2006. Back then, it didn't seem like it wasn't gonna be the next big thing. I gave it two years and eventually deleted my account August last year.
My last update:

[Update on the status: I certainly hadn't been able to concentrate on uni & still pursue my own interest.]

Now everyone's on Twitter and I'm not sure if I want to Twitter again.
Also, I've been contemplating to create a Tumblr. Because after first discovering it last year, there's an increasing number of awesome Tumblr I adore & want to be a part of.

So, the question is: to Tumblr or to Twitter? comment below.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teen Vogue May' 09 - Miley Cyrus on Cover

This looks so much 'acceptable' than the one for Glamour.
[More later - I've just come home from work :D ]

Monday, April 6, 2009

Glossy Bits - 123 Covers...

To kick start your first Monday in April, I present you 3 latest glossy cover (May 2009 issue).
I might have to warn you that there's only one pleasant-to-look-at cover. And should you decide not to ruin your Monday with a glimpse of Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift, look away after the first picture.
The good one:
- Britain It Girl who had recently moved to New York, Alexa Chung, stars in Harper Bazaar (UK) May 2009. The cover looks stunning and the photoshoot doesn't disappoint either.

And for the bad ones:
- Glamour with Miley Cyrus.
I've got no opinion on Miley Cyrus in general. But for this particular cover: I just can't stand her 'smiley' faces.

- Seventeen (US) starring weird looking Taylor Swift.
Is that even her? You'll question this even more once you get to see the photoshoot.

I feel so bad for posting this entry; the Taylor Swift might scare you away. And all these looks so bad after the beautiful, beautiful ELLE pages. :'(
*Seriously, let me know if you can't take this anymore and I'll remove the post.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some ELLE Love...

I've been deprived from the glossies far too long... Uni & work made up 80% of my life and when I'm not in uni/work, I'm sleeping. So apologies everyone (including my friends who now assumed that I charged hourly rates for me to hang out with them. Yes, that's right.)

And if you remember, I've been wanting to get myself an issue of UK Elle; not sure when this will happen, but the other night I spent some quality times with blogs around the bloggerland and found some of ELLE goodness.

Let's share the love...

1. ELLE Italia - April 2009: Covergirl Mila Jovovich.

The photoshoot is too beautiful & I can sort of see her in a series of different mood/character.

2. ELLE US April 2009- styled by Erin Wasson

I'm not a massive fan of Erin Wasson, but there's something in this photoshoot that is so eye-catching. The colour combination, I think?

3. ELLE UK - April 2009

I was planning to buy this, but didn't because I'm not a fan of Jen Anniston. Considering air-freight ELLE UK is rather expensive, I gave it a pass. Nonetheless, the thing I like most from ELLE UK is their page-layout. Secondly, the Memoir column.

And here's Kylie Minogue gracing the latest cover of ELLE UK.

That's enough ELLE for now...
[pics from GWAS, songofstyle, saja, itsnotloveimjustdrunk]