Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a Distraction (to Stop Me from Doing My Journos)

Random Things I Love...

Can't wait to get my hands on these glossies:
1. Harper Bazaar (UK)
2. Shop 'Til You Drop

TV Shows I want to religiously watch but never had the chance:
1. Dexter - it's on late at night & I need to sleep early because the next day I happen to start working at 8 AM. I suck at waking up early.

2. Criminal Minds - it's on at the same time with House, as well as Gruen Transfer & Lawrence Leung... asfghsajdhajgkiq!, there's so many entertainment on Wednesday night.

3. Medium - never had the chance to watch it since it's back on telly, because instead of being a couch potato on Friday night, I now work/hang-out/do uni work/too tired to do anything.
4. Skins - omg. I wish I had a clear reception for SBS.

Books & other inspirations:
1. The Age Cheap Eats 2009
2. The Secret Diary of a London Call Girl
Watched a few episodes of the TV shows & I fell in love with the series. Not because it has a lot of nudity & sex scene (duh! Underbelly has a lot of these too, you know), but I found the way they shot the scenes is a bit different. And I love London. And Billie Piper is gorgeous.

Little things in life:
1. Lemon poppy seed cookies.
2. "I want to go shopping!"
3. Nail polish.

Contemplating to create an account for:
1. Tumblr
2. Twitter
Big deal! You see, I HAD Twitter account in 2006. Back then, it didn't seem like it wasn't gonna be the next big thing. I gave it two years and eventually deleted my account August last year.
My last update:

[Update on the status: I certainly hadn't been able to concentrate on uni & still pursue my own interest.]

Now everyone's on Twitter and I'm not sure if I want to Twitter again.
Also, I've been contemplating to create a Tumblr. Because after first discovering it last year, there's an increasing number of awesome Tumblr I adore & want to be a part of.

So, the question is: to Tumblr or to Twitter? comment below.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Julia said...

to tumblr and not to twitter! haha. i have a tumblr account, but i haven't decided what should be its content yet!

blessed easter, c! (: have a great one celebrating our risen Lord!

MaGaZine JunKie said...

Cel, Shop till u drop, Nicole richie on the cover kan?? Kweul!! Btw bener nggak tuh, NYLON versi majalah month udahan?? Yang cover Li.lo the final issue?

frangipani princess said...

Go twitter again, it's so addictive!! I am seriously in love with mine.
Heads up to buy Dolly on Wednesday, special feature on bloggers and yours truly is in it, even if T-Swift is gracing the cover and there's a psychic special. Why am I never in normal issues bahahaha?
Happy Easter :D

gg xx

Lala Orange said...

I heart Secret Diary of a Call Girl too! I really want to try a lemon poppy seed cookie that sounds delicous! x

Celia said...

Julia,Yeah, i think I'll Tumblr. It looks so much fun & I feel like I want to re-blog almost everything.

GG!!Omg! That's so cool, you're on Dolly! Who cares about Taylor Swift on the cover. Hahaha.
Definetely agree on your advice "If you dance,play 5 instruments & work part time all at once..."
We know how consuming blogging is. It's still fun though!
I hope you had a good Easter weekend. xox

Lala Orange: lemon poppy seed cookies are the best. And it comes in heart-shape too.
I missed out on a lot of Secret Diary episode, should rent the DVDs soon. xox

Elco: Yep! Nicole Richie gracing the cover & I'm loving Shop Til You Drop since last issue because I literally have no time to shop. It's my escape.
Not sure about Nylon though. I think they'll still run the print publication.

Julia said...

C, I am amazed. Do you speak indonesian?? :D

Anonymous said...

CELLYYYY. Pick up your phone!!

And I think you should Twitter :P and LJ. xD

yiqin; said...

Ah I LOVE CRIMINAL MINDS! Reid is awesome. Hehehe secret diary of call girl too! I love Billie's accent.

Celia said...

julia: yes! i do! :D

missicality: hmm. i've already have a lot on my plate right now. Don't think I can do LJ..

yiqin:Agree! Reid is my fave too. He can be really funny sometimes.