Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some ELLE Love...

I've been deprived from the glossies far too long... Uni & work made up 80% of my life and when I'm not in uni/work, I'm sleeping. So apologies everyone (including my friends who now assumed that I charged hourly rates for me to hang out with them. Yes, that's right.)

And if you remember, I've been wanting to get myself an issue of UK Elle; not sure when this will happen, but the other night I spent some quality times with blogs around the bloggerland and found some of ELLE goodness.

Let's share the love...

1. ELLE Italia - April 2009: Covergirl Mila Jovovich.

The photoshoot is too beautiful & I can sort of see her in a series of different mood/character.

2. ELLE US April 2009- styled by Erin Wasson

I'm not a massive fan of Erin Wasson, but there's something in this photoshoot that is so eye-catching. The colour combination, I think?

3. ELLE UK - April 2009

I was planning to buy this, but didn't because I'm not a fan of Jen Anniston. Considering air-freight ELLE UK is rather expensive, I gave it a pass. Nonetheless, the thing I like most from ELLE UK is their page-layout. Secondly, the Memoir column.

And here's Kylie Minogue gracing the latest cover of ELLE UK.

That's enough ELLE for now...
[pics from GWAS, songofstyle, saja, itsnotloveimjustdrunk]


2nd store said...

say, ini kyk nya elle uk may dhe,, bkn april, april kan jen aniston hehe

Meg said...

ooooh, so many goodies to pick up!