Monday, April 6, 2009

Glossy Bits - 123 Covers...

To kick start your first Monday in April, I present you 3 latest glossy cover (May 2009 issue).
I might have to warn you that there's only one pleasant-to-look-at cover. And should you decide not to ruin your Monday with a glimpse of Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift, look away after the first picture.
The good one:
- Britain It Girl who had recently moved to New York, Alexa Chung, stars in Harper Bazaar (UK) May 2009. The cover looks stunning and the photoshoot doesn't disappoint either.

And for the bad ones:
- Glamour with Miley Cyrus.
I've got no opinion on Miley Cyrus in general. But for this particular cover: I just can't stand her 'smiley' faces.

- Seventeen (US) starring weird looking Taylor Swift.
Is that even her? You'll question this even more once you get to see the photoshoot.

I feel so bad for posting this entry; the Taylor Swift might scare you away. And all these looks so bad after the beautiful, beautiful ELLE pages. :'(
*Seriously, let me know if you can't take this anymore and I'll remove the post.


Julia said...

Oh, C. Is it just me or has the Glamour posse stooped a rank lower? What on Earth is Miley doing on the cover?! Glamour is a grown-up girl's glossy, and this cover is certainly meant for teens.

Thank goodyness for delicious covers like the Harper's one. That's what good editorial is. Haha.

Thanks for sharing! (:

Celia said...


Yes, I don't understand why Glamour puts Miley on its cover.
I don't know if Glamour readers could still relate themselves to the covergirl. What a disappointment.

I guess we'll just enjoy Alexa Chung in Bazaar. She looks stunning!