Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nylon May '09 - Young Hollywood issue

I always love the "Young Hollywood" issue from any magazines; Nylon, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair. It's usually a good buy - like an investment buy - to find out who's who and what's going to be the Next Big Thing in upcoming months.

I initially didnt plan to buy this issue of Nylon. I didn't get excited for its cover & its 45 Stars of Next Generation cover line. But when I picked up the magazines and was just planning to flick through it, I got sucked into the Almost Famous world Nylon offers.

Nylon has done a terrific job in carefully handpicking the 45 stars featured in this issue. Who doesn't love Kat Dennigs (and Olivia Thrilby)? Kat's blog is one pure source of entertainment (read it religiously) and last night, I've planned to watch her vlog to when I get the chance.
Both Olivia Thrilby and Kat Dennings will star in upcoming movie The Answer Man.

I'm not going to name everyone listed in the issue, but here are some that you might be already familiar with...

Jackson Rathbone (Twilight), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), Dreama Walker+Amanda Setton+Nicole Fiscella+Yin Chang (Blair's sidekicks in GG), Anna Sophia Robb (Bridge to Terabithia), Isabel Lucas (Transformer 2), new Skin cast, Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionare & previously, Skin).

Speaking of new stars and upcoming big things, I'd like to have your special attention to Paper Heart. Just to start it all, Michael Cera is in it... if you were like me, this movie had already made it into the list of Favourite Movies.
Paper Heart is a documentary about love by Charlene Yi, a girl who doesn't believe in love. This movie is a docos but - not a real documentary... Charlene Yi and Michael Cera plays character, but uses their own names. Complicated much? Hope IMDB could help. :)

Here's the trailer:

In real life, Charlene Yi is a Canadian comedian and had starred in some small roles in Semi-Pro and Knocked Up.

Other stars in this fabulous Nylon issue includes:
- Taylor Momsen, looking absolutely stunning in the fashion spread. She also talked a little bit about her music band and upcoming fashion design project.
- Mathew Williamson talked about his collaboration with H&M
- The Olsen Sisters and Steve Madden on their shoe line.

One little annoying thing I spot in the mag: How come Peaches Gedolf's occupation is stated as journalist? She is not.

But yeaah. this issue get two thumbs up! Pretty much everything from page 95-147 is worth reading/looking at. Not to mention the other bits and pieces earlier in the magazines. I can guarantee you this is a much fun required readings, compare to your uni notes.

Marvin's editor letter doesn't even leave me cold, like he usually does to me.
If you are still doubting to buy/not to buy this issue, or having "I'll just wait 'til the sea-freight comes in" thought...See the light and run to nearest newsagent.

[*Paper Heart trailer from]

NYLON, I love you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Girlfriend - June 2009

So it's RobPatt & KStew again on the cover. What are your thoughts?
I think this is definitely a better choice of picture, compared to the one they had 2 issues ago. But, I'm really disappointed they have chosen to have another Twilight cover. Seriously, I'm half-annoyed with the whole Twilight hype. Move on already...
I understand probably one of the reasons why Girlfriend has decided to have another Twilight cover is to highlight their featured story on Twilight phenomenon; between a Twihard and a Twihater. But after reading the article, I still don't think Girlfriend made the best decision by having RobPatt & KStew again on the cover. Through this, had Girlfriend actually showed some biasness towards the Twilight phenomenon debate?

I particularly enjoyed reading the Body Love section. Although airbrushing and photo re-touching are no suprise to anyone, I think it's nice to have some reality check on our perception of our body and what has been presented by the media.

"48-hour Tech Famine" was a fun read because no tech was a description of my life last week.

- No iPod: I was a magnet to weird people on the train. Not a good experience.
- No TV : no time to watch the telly & I missed Rove, too!
- No phone: the phone I use is still functioning, but it was my brother's. So I don't actually have a phone.
- No Internet: my laptop power supply died & I had to survive a long weekend without a laptop.

Back to the magazine, this issue's fashion shoot & features were not very satisfying to my liking. Maybe I'd just been bitten too hard by the early-winter bug and all I wanted to see in mags now are warm clothes and nice boots. :)

Dool's column (pg.103 and pg.59) is probably a total let down to the whole magazine. I'm sorry, but I just find his articles pointless and a total waste of page. He probably wanted his article to
be quite humorous and casual (and he's probably a good writer) but I just don't get him.

I have to say, this is a very bland issue of Girlfriend. I applaud the attractive cover (by that I mean good photo choice & colour scheme), but content wise it's still lacking the monthly goodness Girlfriend usually offer.
Buy it for the bonus! Love fingerless gloves - especially if you live in Melbourne and this year, winter had came 5 weeks too early.

Blogspot's being real slow in uploading pics. :(

Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekend Treats

Life's finally calmed down a little bit so today, I stopped by Magnation to get some glossy/caffeine fix.

Straight from the newsstand to the blog: NYLON May'09 & Girlfriend June'09.
Review will be posted over the weekend. I have to clean up my room now... :)

Also, don't miss out on the latest issue of Frankie (they have an adorable fashion shoot showcasing warm & fuzzy knits) & RUSSH!

Much love! TGIF!