Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekend Treats

Life's finally calmed down a little bit so today, I stopped by Magnation to get some glossy/caffeine fix.

Straight from the newsstand to the blog: NYLON May'09 & Girlfriend June'09.
Review will be posted over the weekend. I have to clean up my room now... :)

Also, don't miss out on the latest issue of Frankie (they have an adorable fashion shoot showcasing warm & fuzzy knits) & RUSSH!

Much love! TGIF!


MaGaZine JunKie said...

WOW!! Cel, senangnya udah dapet GF n NYLON!! Di Indonesia GF n NYLON belum datang!! Btw what do u think?? GF kok ngulang cover ya?? Kan rob n kristen udah jadi cover edisi march lalu??

Jacinta said...

Ahh Magnantion, how I love thee.

Julia said...

I love the NYLON cover so much it's crazy! Hahaha. (:


Celia said...

Yeaah.. Girlfriend is a bit of a disappointment. I mean, Twilight again?! The content is not much good too...

Hee. I love Magnation too. I can live there!

I've just finished doing the Nylon post and oh, this issue is the best! I thought it was just gonna be a 'usual' Nylon, but I was wrong.


Meg said...

some really good fashion forward/fab culture mags:

Another magazine
RUSSH (as you mention)
Frankie (can be good)
Lula (see above)
V Magazine

I think Nylon tries too hard to compete with its much better comparative mag, Missbehave, which is way more knowledge and style packed and has its whole darn arm, not only one little pinky that barely reaches, on the heart beat of style, not only its blip of a pulse as Nylon has caved toward in the past year plus. Blah! And the writers are so-so, if, they take recycled info and reviews and make into their own blah variation, not so lovely.