Saturday, May 2, 2009

Girlfriend - June 2009

So it's RobPatt & KStew again on the cover. What are your thoughts?
I think this is definitely a better choice of picture, compared to the one they had 2 issues ago. But, I'm really disappointed they have chosen to have another Twilight cover. Seriously, I'm half-annoyed with the whole Twilight hype. Move on already...
I understand probably one of the reasons why Girlfriend has decided to have another Twilight cover is to highlight their featured story on Twilight phenomenon; between a Twihard and a Twihater. But after reading the article, I still don't think Girlfriend made the best decision by having RobPatt & KStew again on the cover. Through this, had Girlfriend actually showed some biasness towards the Twilight phenomenon debate?

I particularly enjoyed reading the Body Love section. Although airbrushing and photo re-touching are no suprise to anyone, I think it's nice to have some reality check on our perception of our body and what has been presented by the media.

"48-hour Tech Famine" was a fun read because no tech was a description of my life last week.

- No iPod: I was a magnet to weird people on the train. Not a good experience.
- No TV : no time to watch the telly & I missed Rove, too!
- No phone: the phone I use is still functioning, but it was my brother's. So I don't actually have a phone.
- No Internet: my laptop power supply died & I had to survive a long weekend without a laptop.

Back to the magazine, this issue's fashion shoot & features were not very satisfying to my liking. Maybe I'd just been bitten too hard by the early-winter bug and all I wanted to see in mags now are warm clothes and nice boots. :)

Dool's column (pg.103 and pg.59) is probably a total let down to the whole magazine. I'm sorry, but I just find his articles pointless and a total waste of page. He probably wanted his article to
be quite humorous and casual (and he's probably a good writer) but I just don't get him.

I have to say, this is a very bland issue of Girlfriend. I applaud the attractive cover (by that I mean good photo choice & colour scheme), but content wise it's still lacking the monthly goodness Girlfriend usually offer.
Buy it for the bonus! Love fingerless gloves - especially if you live in Melbourne and this year, winter had came 5 weeks too early.

Blogspot's being real slow in uploading pics. :(

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Julia said...

When I saw that it was Kristen and Rob on the cover, I wanted to yank my hair out. As you said, and I lament, ANOTHER TWILIGHT COVER?? AGAIN?? AND SO SOON?? WHYYYY!

I do love the cover photo, though. It's really hot! But this Twilight thing is getting waaay out of hand.