Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girlfriend- April 2009

Uni hasn’t started ‘til next week, which means I've got plenty of times in my hand. So yesterday I hit the newsagent and picked the April issue of Girlfriend (instead of dark provocative RUSSH).

Reading this issue of GF reminds me how much I love ‘regular’ teenage magazine (No; I don’t think Teen Vogue is regular. They’re different, to say the least). Magazine like GF takes an all-round approach to cater its readers’ needs and giving out what they like.
The affordable pieces featured in its simple yet fashionable spreads do not leave you gushing about the money you ought to spend afterwards.
Plus, the short but sweet tips for healthy mind and body give me an emotional uplift after reading the magazine*. Yay for the Think.Do.Be.Positive campaign.

In her Editor Letter, Sarah tells us about some of her favourite magazines - Nylon,
Teen Vogue, Elle UK, Vanity Fair, The Good Weekend.
Gotta agree with her! Elle magazines has great layout that makes everything looks even more beautiful (realized this a month ago after reading copious number of past Elle issues from different countries). Vanity Fair is cool – I especially love it when they’ve the Young Hollywood issue. Although I don’t really buy VF – I usually read some of its article from the web.

Despite not getting a mention on the cover, GF dedicates three pages to their findings of all things Green – from beauty brands to gadgets.
Cover girl Isabel Lucas is named as #1 Green celebs for her work to save the environment. She said because of her work againts whaling in Japan, she and fellow activist/actress Hayden Panettiere are in risk of getting arrested if they ever come back to Japan. Way to go, girl!

As a new addition to MTV show, The City is the current TV show everyone’s talking about (or curious at), including Girlfriend. Whitney Port and friends steal the attention at GF’s Love2Shop, GF Loves and Front Row’s On the Box.

In Love2Shop Bargain Hunter issue, find your guide to 40 things under $70 and selection of gifts under $30. You decide where your money goes!

Also, for us who have trouble with saving money and not getting any income (like me…), read up page 48 and 54. The Cashed Up section is a must-read; might be a start to save some money this year.

Other things I love:
- The Misadventure of Josh Thomas: It’s funny – well, he’s a comedian.
- Once upon a Beauty Tale.

- My Girl fashion spread. Can’t decide whether I like the style, or the fact that the shoot was set at Max Brenner...

*This does not happen every time with every issue. I’m very aware that magazines sometimes (seems to) reinforce unhealthy obsession over skinny bodies, etc. But you know, there are some good reads too.
Hope you enjoy the glossy fix!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Teen Vogue March'09 - Taylor Swift

If you're new to Teen Vogue, this issue would be a perfect serve for a lovely introduction, leading to the possibility of falling in love with the magazine. But for an avid reader, the March issue is lacking its Vogue-juiciness (I'm the avid reader needing stronger dose to get impressed.)

Welcoming Spring, the A to Z view and Shopping Spree are all about the trends and other highlights to get you ready for the upcoming season.

Not to be missed are the fashion spreads Beautiful Dreamer (introducing menswear pajamas as the next must-have fashion item!). I’m loving the pattern details – stripes and polka dot.
And the regular Runway – Ourway...

Stars featured includes cover girl Taylor Swift, Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl, model Behati Prinsloo and Disney’s Demi Lovato.

In her interview, Taylor confessed that she’s a big fan of Oscar de la Renta, she’s obsessed with high heels and has no definite plan to try acting soon. She describes herself as the girl next door – the girl whom “the hot guy is friends with and gets all his relationship advice from but never considered dating.”

My favourite must-read article would be the article “Key Players”, teen fashion bloggers special. The word ‘blogger’ and ‘fashion’ excite me. Here, Teen Vogue explores some well-known fashion style blogs created by girls from age 12 to … and how their opinion and sense of style have shaped the world of fashion.

This phenomenon has got the media & fashion industry talking – I remember reading similar articles in various paper and mags. As a blogger, I definetely find pleasures in browsing and reading these blog and sometimes I’m amazed how these girls can do it, and do it great.

Like I’ve said before, this issue is what (I think as) the usual Teen Vogue. Nothing extravagant, but enough to get and hold your attention.

Just a thought: I actually wondered if Teen Vogue would get a new Editor in Chief in the near future. Amy Astley has been a great one, but after 7 years as the leading lady of the magazine, do you think it’s time to give someone else a chance to ‘re-create’ the magazine?
Have your say & leave a comment.

Glossy Bits - Back with Awesomeness!

Hello, people!
I'm back in Melbourne which means regular posting will resume as per normal. Yay!
Glossy bits to warm up things...
- March issue of Nylon stars Kristen Stewart sporting her signature Twilight look – ghostly looking and that messy hair.

I don’t really like the cover picture, but overall, the photo shoot is good [See it here].
And check out the behind the scene...

- The stars of Gossip Girls…
Taylor Momsen looking fashionably chic at the Anna Sui fashion show and she told Teen Vogue about her new band called "The Reckless".

Ed Westwick making an appearance in Harper Bazaar fashion spreads, entitled "The Gossip Graduate" with model Helena Christensen.

[More of Ed Westwick]

- In the model world, Coco Rocha gets a shot as TV Presenter with E! Canadian.
Check it!

- RUSSH March/April issue is out!
You see what I mean when I said RUSSH had a prettier cover had a prettier cover when I was away from Oz.

That's all for now!

Be back soon with Teen Vogue March'09 review and also, Girlfriend April'09 .



Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glossy Bits - All Over the Place

Hello, dearest! Things have been very slowly here because uni & work (yay, I'm working now!)have taken over my time, thus I have less time to devour all glossiness.
My copy of April Teen Vogue (seen last when I took the pic last weekend) went missing somewhere... As soon as I find it, I'll start the reviews.

Glossy Bits

- Nylon goes back to 1999 with Lindsay Lohan. See more of the photos here.

- Chanel Iman hosts MTV new TV series House of Style , in partnership with Teen Vogue. The show will give insight to the latest fashion trends and tips, also some interviews with designers. Chanel's thought on switching career: "I'm thinking of slowing down on modeling and branching out to other things. I want to pursue some new and old dreams and start making them happen. House of Style is definitely just the start. I want to do television, film, music and designing. I want to do it all!"

- On Thursday, Cleo's Top 50 Most Eligible Bachelor had a meet & greet session in Myer. I happened to be there and although I didn't go for the photo session (Uni starts in 15 mins), I have to say they're a bunch of sweet eye-candies! More about them.

- Don't let your habits ruins your chance to live your life to the fullest. Here's some tips on How to Break Your Habits I took from ELLE UK February issue.

Break your habit web:
-(When you're about to do the habit, stop and) Hug yourself
-Stare at something for 30s, then close your eyes
-Make up 3 new words and their meanings
-Write down a good things about your life
-Do something different everyday
-Read different newspaper or magazines
-Write something for 20 mins
-Give up your favourite drink
-Don't wacth TV for an evening
-Catch up with old friends

That's all for now! Have a nice weekend!
xoxo, C.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nylon Feb'09: Camilla Belle

The February issue of Nylon doesn’t disappoint those who picked the magazine just because Camilla Belle looks stunning on its cover. The covergirl gives us a lowdown on staying true to herself in the complicated entertainment industry. Plus, there are a number of pretty pages to adore...

Inside, Nylon gets a slight make-over as it welcomes back an old friend, Michael Pangilinan, as the Art Director.

Model Behati Prinsloo seems to be on radar these days. In Model Citizen “Sitting Pretty”, she answered the most simple questions we've been wondering about the supermodel.

Others on the spotlight includes: Jamie Bell, the Osbournes (Jack & Kelly), Franz Ferdinand, the Dragonette.

It's a short one. I'm flying back to Melbourne tomorrow!
See ya in the land of Oz! <3


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seventeen Singapore

Back in secondary school, my friends and I had always enjoyed reading Seventeen under the thick Chemistry textbook. With its great contents, ranging from fashion to the newest hang out spots, Seventeen Singapore has almost everything we want from a magazine. Other local magazines, like Teens and LIME (is it folded now?) give less tips on "How to Look Fab on Your Prom Night"(not that this really matters, but girls love this stuff) and focus more on music and celebrities' scoop.
So while I was back in Singapore, I grabbed the magazines and took sometimes to flip these pages again...

Fresh-looking and beautiful Emma Roberts graced the November cover. This issue gives a handful of beauty and fashion tips for your Prom Night - coming in handy if you're heading for a big-night out or parties.

January issue features R&B Queen, Beyonce as Seventeen's pick of Style Star of the Year. She shares her opinion on her fashion style and also the concept behind her latest album I Am...Sasha Fierce. Other glossy articles inside include a fashion spread inspired by Gossip Girl, newest fashion trends to try in 2009 (Be a chameleon!) and lots more.

February issue of Seventeen Singapore starrring Anne Hathaway is already available in the newsstand. Valentine's is a hot topic in this month of love!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Found Pages: Elle Singapore Dec'08

Hello, people!
To kick start things this February, here's some gorgeous fashion spread I found in Singapore's Elle December'08!

Keep coming back! I have more things to share.