Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girlfriend- April 2009

Uni hasn’t started ‘til next week, which means I've got plenty of times in my hand. So yesterday I hit the newsagent and picked the April issue of Girlfriend (instead of dark provocative RUSSH).

Reading this issue of GF reminds me how much I love ‘regular’ teenage magazine (No; I don’t think Teen Vogue is regular. They’re different, to say the least). Magazine like GF takes an all-round approach to cater its readers’ needs and giving out what they like.
The affordable pieces featured in its simple yet fashionable spreads do not leave you gushing about the money you ought to spend afterwards.
Plus, the short but sweet tips for healthy mind and body give me an emotional uplift after reading the magazine*. Yay for the Think.Do.Be.Positive campaign.

In her Editor Letter, Sarah tells us about some of her favourite magazines - Nylon,
Teen Vogue, Elle UK, Vanity Fair, The Good Weekend.
Gotta agree with her! Elle magazines has great layout that makes everything looks even more beautiful (realized this a month ago after reading copious number of past Elle issues from different countries). Vanity Fair is cool – I especially love it when they’ve the Young Hollywood issue. Although I don’t really buy VF – I usually read some of its article from the web.

Despite not getting a mention on the cover, GF dedicates three pages to their findings of all things Green – from beauty brands to gadgets.
Cover girl Isabel Lucas is named as #1 Green celebs for her work to save the environment. She said because of her work againts whaling in Japan, she and fellow activist/actress Hayden Panettiere are in risk of getting arrested if they ever come back to Japan. Way to go, girl!

As a new addition to MTV show, The City is the current TV show everyone’s talking about (or curious at), including Girlfriend. Whitney Port and friends steal the attention at GF’s Love2Shop, GF Loves and Front Row’s On the Box.

In Love2Shop Bargain Hunter issue, find your guide to 40 things under $70 and selection of gifts under $30. You decide where your money goes!

Also, for us who have trouble with saving money and not getting any income (like me…), read up page 48 and 54. The Cashed Up section is a must-read; might be a start to save some money this year.

Other things I love:
- The Misadventure of Josh Thomas: It’s funny – well, he’s a comedian.
- Once upon a Beauty Tale.

- My Girl fashion spread. Can’t decide whether I like the style, or the fact that the shoot was set at Max Brenner...

*This does not happen every time with every issue. I’m very aware that magazines sometimes (seems to) reinforce unhealthy obsession over skinny bodies, etc. But you know, there are some good reads too.
Hope you enjoy the glossy fix!


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

the girl in the second to last scan looks a bit like dorota from GG..

is it her???

nah...can't be...or can it?

i am not sure...but thanks for sharing this issue :)

<3 lise

Celia said...

@ Sammi-Lise :
Haha.. I don't think it's her. I checked the mag, they didn't put the name of the model..but I'm pretty sure it's not her.
If it is her, what is she doing over here in AU doing random modelling..