Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glossy Bits - Back with Awesomeness!

Hello, people!
I'm back in Melbourne which means regular posting will resume as per normal. Yay!
Glossy bits to warm up things...
- March issue of Nylon stars Kristen Stewart sporting her signature Twilight look – ghostly looking and that messy hair.

I don’t really like the cover picture, but overall, the photo shoot is good [See it here].
And check out the behind the scene...

- The stars of Gossip Girls…
Taylor Momsen looking fashionably chic at the Anna Sui fashion show and she told Teen Vogue about her new band called "The Reckless".

Ed Westwick making an appearance in Harper Bazaar fashion spreads, entitled "The Gossip Graduate" with model Helena Christensen.

[More of Ed Westwick]

- In the model world, Coco Rocha gets a shot as TV Presenter with E! Canadian.
Check it!

- RUSSH March/April issue is out!
You see what I mean when I said RUSSH had a prettier cover had a prettier cover when I was away from Oz.

That's all for now!

Be back soon with Teen Vogue March'09 review and also, Girlfriend April'09 .



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