Friday, March 6, 2009

Glossy Bits - All the Pretty Things...

Uni started this week - back to routines and hello again to regular intake of caffeine. I've choked on the amount of work I signed up for this semester, but I hope everything will run smoothly and I have enough creative juices to last for all the works.

Glossy Bits...
Earlier this week, April issue of Vogue AU hit the newsstand - dominated with the orange colour and Louis Vuitton dress spotted in March Teen Vogue's Runway Our Way.

Emma Roberts gracing the cover of Teen Vogue for the second time, since she celebrated her 16th Birthday.
I'm not very excited about this one. Choice of covergirl: What's up with Emma Roberts - a bit boring, hey? Especially because she had been on Teen Vogue before. I was expecting to see Dakota Fanning which would still fit perfectly with the headlines "[Emma Robert] Grows Up". And in the last few weeks, I've been seeing a number of coverage about Dakota, in regards to her latest movie 'The Secret Life of Bees'
Other than that, Teen Vogue usually has a pretty fashion photoshoot for the Prom Issue.

And if you really want to see Dakota Fanning on cover, here's one:
I like her. She looks so naturally beautiful on the black and white photoshoot in J'alouse.

For something even more beautiful to colour your day, pick up Lula issue #8 - featuring Chanel Iman on the cover. Luella Bartley (love her design!), fabulous Spring/Summer 2009 designer pieces and just endless page of stylish and creative fashion spread.
Spent this afternoon flicking through Nylon, where I was amazed that Courtney Love is very popular among the celebs' Myspace (Diablo Cody, Cory Kennedy, Mark Ronson, Benji & Joel Madden, Pete Wentz). Skipped through Kristen Stewart long-winded interview (short attention span, sorry!).
And last night, for some unknown reason, I made a decision to buy ELLE this month. I think I'll get the UK one, but let's see what'll happen... :)
Have a great (long) weekend!


Julia said...

I know what you mean! Emma Roberts? Again?? Don't they realise that Teen Vogue readers don't exactly forget who has been on their covers before - when I saw that Roberts was April's cover girl, my mind instantly got a flash-back to when she was on the cover a couple of years ago in a red dress.

And I agree - Dakota Fanning would've been a (much) better choice. That girl is growing up to be prettier by the day! So adorable.

Hehe okay soapbox over. Hope all's well, C! (:


Celia said...

Hi Julia,
Everything's good. Uni work is double the amount of last year, but I'll do my best. How are you?

I keep thinking about Teen Vogue getting a new Editor. Maybe they really should get someone, soon.
It'll be interesting to see all the changes and some fresh ideas.

frangipani princess said...

ooh all those covers are so pretty!
well, i'm not overly fussed on teen vogue, but the others are.
my subscription to teen vogue has finished, and i'm too lazy to re-subscribe, but i'm not bothering to buy this issue. emma roberts just isn't that exciting.