Saturday, March 21, 2009

Glossy Bits - All Over the Place

Hello, dearest! Things have been very slowly here because uni & work (yay, I'm working now!)have taken over my time, thus I have less time to devour all glossiness.
My copy of April Teen Vogue (seen last when I took the pic last weekend) went missing somewhere... As soon as I find it, I'll start the reviews.

Glossy Bits

- Nylon goes back to 1999 with Lindsay Lohan. See more of the photos here.

- Chanel Iman hosts MTV new TV series House of Style , in partnership with Teen Vogue. The show will give insight to the latest fashion trends and tips, also some interviews with designers. Chanel's thought on switching career: "I'm thinking of slowing down on modeling and branching out to other things. I want to pursue some new and old dreams and start making them happen. House of Style is definitely just the start. I want to do television, film, music and designing. I want to do it all!"

- Don't let your habits ruins your chance to live your life to the fullest. Here's some tips on How to Break Your Habits I took from ELLE UK February issue.

Break your habit web:
-(When you're about to do the habit, stop and) Hug yourself
-Stare at something for 30s, then close your eyes
-Make up 3 new words and their meanings
-Write down a good things about your life
-Do something different everyday
-Read different newspaper or magazines
-Write something for 20 mins
-Give up your favourite drink
-Don't wacth TV for an evening
-Catch up with old friends

That's all for now! Have a nice weekend!
xoxo, C.

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