Friday, November 7, 2008

Away - Be Back Soon.

Hello, dearies... How have you been?
My week has been filled with laughters and sunny days around friends and Wicked. I went to see Wicked the broadway musical on Wednesday and wow, it was amazing - equally thrilling as to hear Obama won the US Election.

Anyway, I'm taking off overseas this morning for the summer and usually, I wouldn't be able to update regularly because it's less likely that I would have a proper internet connection. Fingers crossed I would have a good one, so I won't be left behind in the land of glossy things.

I'll be occupied with Russh, Frankie and Teen Vogue November for a while before I'd have to start looking for more glossies. So keep checking back and drop me comments or updates you'd like to share. Teen Vogue November review should be dropped soon, 'coz I know it's getting a bit late. The Dec/Jan 2009 Holiday issue is due around 16 November.

Earlier while I was running errands for last minute packing (I'm horrible with it), I managed to do a 30-second flick through the latest Dolly and Vogue UK.

Dolly December (Rihanna* on cover)
It comes with a pair of thongs (choice of purple or pink).
Yay for Twilight boys and Supernatural pin-up.
I like the fashion photoshoot too for some reason.
*Anyone went to see her concert with Chris Brown? How was it?

Vogue UK December (Fashion & Fantasy)
It's Kate Moss (again) on the cover, but this issue looks quite exciting and unique. First, the cover is printed in a different paper material (the kind they used in paperback book). I saw some awesome fashion spread inside - I think it was inspired or in theme of Wizard of Oz. I'm not sure - maybe it was just me still deeply infatuated with Wicked.

Alright, I hope you have a wonderful November.
Good luck with exams (if you have one).

I'll be back soon.

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frangipani princess said...

ooh i'm going to see wicked on sunday, so glad to hear it's amazing!
the new dolly was interesting, i hated the cover though.
i didn't go to the rhianna/chris brown concert but two of my friends did and they said it was so awesome they couldn't even explain it.

gg xx