Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Flick: Teen Vogue Dec/Jan 2009

Teen Vogue's December/January 2009 issue is out, starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight) on the cover. So far, it looks quite good - photo shoot includes Gabe Nevins from Paranoid Park.

Update (What's inside):
-The fashion photo shoot starring Gabe Nevins and model Sigita Nedvecka in Venice, Italy is my favourite by far
-Nylon's It Girl and New York DJ Harley Viera-Newton got a mention in Style Blogger. I guess I'm about to find out who she is.
-Photos from the TV Young Hollywood Party
-Alexa Chung is the Girl of the Moment
-Teen vogue top 10 in 2009
-Articles on Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart
-A few articles about Hair styling.
-Nikon cool pix ads featuring Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester (Chair! Chuck & Blair!)


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