Friday, October 31, 2008

Girlfriend December: Celeb-Made.

I didn't eventually buy GF December issue, but I managed to 'absorb' some of its contents while sitting comfortably at the bookstore... Read on...

Delta Goodrem, Jessica Mauboy, Gabriella Cilmi, Ryan Shelton and Jordin Sparks are some of the celebs who contributed to this Celeb-made GF. Delta Goodrem, as the guest editor, has a number of articles in the magazines, including fashion features "So you want to be Ashley Tisdale".

The Beauty Book is not actually a book (I was thinking insert mini-mag), but rather a few extra pages (15 -it says on the cover) of the magazines featuring beauty tips & products, including Best Fake-Tanning products as voted by readers, some make-up and skin care tips that might be useful over the summer (E.g, oily skins doesn't need moisturizer - wrong).

There's a page from Matt Lee (SYTYCD) on "How Not to Dance", which I think it's kind of useless and waste of space.

The usual blog readers by Tiarna, who in this issue, imagines world without her friends and friends are like bra. Fashion spread is still inspired by tribal stuff and few others. Books and movies reviews are from the celebs too - Jordin Sparks says she's hooked on Twilight's Breaking Dawn.

And JoBros vs Zac Efron, as mentioned on the cover, doesn't actually score a significant space in the mag. *Spoiler alert: From my memory, I think JoBros wins the Hairstyle competition. Michael Cera is in it too!

In relation to the launch of Influence by MKA Olsen, GF Book Club is giving away 20% discount voucher if you buy the book from Borders. I'm tempted. I didn't actually expect the book to be released on the same date as USA, but hey, apparently Borders would have it. :)

On the whole, I think the Celeb-Made issue was put quite sloppily. Maybe as Editor Sarah Cornish described in the letter of editor, "Making this issue is kinda like throwing everything up in the air and crossing our fingers that it will all land perfectly...". Personally I don't believe that all the celebs came up with the materials for the articles. I mean, does Delta Goodrem actually care about Ashley Tisdale's wardrobe? Kudos to GF crew for the hardwork and hopefully, January issue will be loaded with great fresh articles as New Year comes along.




frangipani princess said...

I managed to flick through new gf, and awful is the only way to describe it. Pete Wentz's column ( i cant wait to see what his baby!) and the article on bogan pride were the only saving graces...

gg xx

Julia said...

sigh. celebrity made issues don't appeal to be one bit. thanks for the lowdown on it! at least now I'm sure I'm not missing out. :)

Celia said...

Yes..the bogan pride "how to look bogan" is quite funny.

it's my pleasure to share all the glossiness..

The celeb-made issue looks like the mag is put sloppily. And as a reader, I personally don't believe that all the celebs come up with the articles.