Saturday, October 11, 2008

Peeking at Vogue UK and Teen Vogue November Cover

It's all about group photo shoot in UK Vogue November issue! I was drawn by its cover featuring Jourdan Dunn, Eden Clark and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Inside, there is a fashion photo shoot inspired the UK fashion-savvy teens. I only recognised Nicholas Hoult from the whole group. He is the actor from the movie About a Boy (when he was little, of course) and also TV series Skins. Mick Jagger's daughter, Georgia Jagger is another one of the featured teens.

It almost feel like I was looking at Teen Vogue instead of Vogue when I browse through this issue. It smells like teen-spirit, like they've mentioned in the introduction to "New England" photoshoot. Model Karlie Kloss also scored a fashion spread titled "All Night Long".

Vogue's Editor-at-Large Fiona Golfar comments that the idea of the "New England" shoot came out when she saw that our generation (yes, we...the Gen-Y) are stylish and very fashion-savvy. She also thinks that our generation is very confident. Go us! :)

Teen Vogue November'08

Meanwhile, in Teen Vogue land, Rachel Bilson is the star of the November's Fashion at Work issue. To buy or not to buy; that's what I have been thinking. Teen Vogue has gone incredibly bland in choosing their cover girl (or boy in the case of October's issue).

Teen Vogue used to impress me by coming up with fresh faces and be able to 'dictate' other teen glossy, "Here! This is the rising and upcoming stars". But where has that capability gone now?
Anywho, Rachel Bilson is definetely a much better choice compared to Zanessa. She recently launched her own line Edie Rose for DKNY and will star in the upcoming movie NY, I Love You.

As this is the Fashion at Work issue, Teen Vogue promises to bring out the best tips from the fashion insider. On the cover: Our interns share their on-the-job style secrets.
Let's just hope it does not only feature the rich & famous people, but some inspiring role models or fellow hard working girls we could look up to.


Julia said...

Ugh. More Vogue and their scarily thin models (karlie is still so young, no less!).

Rachel Bilson doesn't look as stunning on the cover of Teen Vogue as she normally is, but I have a girl crush on her and can't wait till it hits newsstands here! Let's see how Teen Vogue fares this issue, won't we Celia? :) Can't wait for your review on it.

Celia said...

I've got Teen Vogue on my hand right now... Contemplating whether I should buy it or not..
*Hunter Parish is in "You've Got Male" looking super sweet. Ha3.*

If you're loving Rachel Bilson, I think you'll love this issue.


Julia said...

haha i'm halfway through Teen Vogue, so far it's all right... Nothing new in terms of content... :)

Celia said...

i'm juggling assignments atm, so Teen Vogue will wait.. ha3.