Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Harper Bazaar UK & US - Oct 2008

A quick visit to the magazine shelves this afternoon left my mind undecided between these two.

UK Harper Bazaar cover looks really glamorous with the close-up shot of Liv Tyler. It makes me want to bring it home and probably adore the cover itself for a long, long time. As seen on the cover, the colour of black dominates the magazine fashion spread. Photoshoot includes Liv Tyler, Dita Von Teese and a few others whom I have forgotten by now. The issue also seems to have an obsession with winged eyeliner and fake eyelashes from Viktor & Rolf (Shu Eumura) which suits perfectly with the theme 'Black'.

Moving to the brighter colour, US Harper Bazaar has more variety in its content. Ranging from Beauty at Every Age starring Blake Lively, Rihanna and SJP, shopping tips from the experts, article on Kristen Dunts, Laura Bush (looking extremely weird and creepy) talking about 'the afterlife' (that is life after presidency) and the fabulous fashion spread starring Emma Watson and UK designers (see it here).

For almost the same price, which one would you buy?

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frangipani princess said...

I'd go with the UK issue, just because the cover looks so amazing. But I suppose that's where the daying 'don't judge a boook by it's cover' comes into play?

gg xx