Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fashion Journal #87

Alright, if you are asking, when is she actually gonna talk about 'real' magazine? Bear with my current obsession with free magazines, because there's quite a few exciting ones circulating right now. And I'm lovin' it.

Fashion Journal is a regular free fashion mag distributed around Australia. It mainly features a vast range of Australian designers & labels, but there's also some international . So if you're after something fresh & edgy, it's fun to flick through this street mag.

The content of the magazine is quite standard - (about) 50 pages dedicated to a mix of fashion spread, beauty products review, interview with people in the fashion industry and snapshots of events going on around Australia.

In this issue, FJ talks to Glenn Coleman of Nana Judy, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the band Dirty Laundry. Some names that probably you're not familiar as yet, but it's worth noticing.

Although it's a street mag and some people think street mags are filled with crap, FJ fashion spread proves that great amount of serious effort goes into the production.

FJ is not a gender-specific mag, there's a nice combination of articles for her and for him.
What's not to love?

My advice is to grab them quick because usually there's none left within first week after its distribution.

P.S, Thanks to everyone who's been visiting my blog so far, give comments, exchange links, be (the first!) folower...Uh oh, I'm excited. Keep an eye, there's more to come.


Anonymous said...

Lho? Is this a new blog or a different one .. are you running two at once??

Celia said...

It's a new one which is more about the media & stuff.
I'm running two at once because I'm awesome. Ha3.. nah, just to keep things more organized.