Monday, September 1, 2008

Zac Efron on Teen Vogue & GG Soundtrack

Zac Efron for Teen Vogue's 2008 Young Hollywood issue?
No way. Why him?
Vanessa last month, Zac this month. Teen Vogue should have put both Zanessa together in one cover.
Teen Vogue October 2008 hits the newsstand in Sept 9th.
[Pic from JustJared].

"OMFGG -- Original Music Features on Gossip Girl" will be available via on Tuesday (Sept. 2), with a CD to follow on Oct. 28.Among the artists featured on the soundtrack are the Virgins, the Republic Tigers, Phantom Planet, the Kills, the Ting Tings and Junkie XL. []


frangipani princess said...

Thanks for the comment and link. I'm happy to put your link on my page, love fellow mag bloggers =) I totally agree with what you said about Zac and Vanessa. First of all, why Zac of all people on Teen Vogue? I know he's got HSM3 coming out but surely there's cooler guys out there. And they totally should have put them together!
I'll be sure to keep coming back =)

gg xx

Georgie said...

Hey I get you. Zac Efron I find is a bit over-rated. It should be a new person in the interesting, or someone quirky and not so popular.

If you'd like to check out my blog that'd be great.