Tuesday, July 28, 2009

(Updated) Teen Vogue September, Nylon, GF Cover

Teen Vogue September'09
(Not-so) Little J, aka Taylor Momsen, makes her debut on Teen Vogue cover. I kind of have the feeling she'll be a 'repeat offender' in future covers of Teen Vogue, but I don't mind, really.
The cover looks fabulous! It's fresh and Taylor doesn't look over-styled - there's still an essence of her usual style both on and off Gossip Girl.
The September issue hits the newsstand on 4th August.

Nylon - The Denim Issue
On the edgier side of glossy world, Sienna Miller makes a comeback through Nylon Sept'09 - The Denim Issue. I'm not a fan of her and was quite surprised why Nylon had picked her to be the covergirl. But with no doubt, she had the ability to pull off really great style. I'm loving the soft pink Doc Martens she's sporting on the photoshoot.
This issue is also a double-cover issue (Don't you love it when they have a double cover?), so pick whichever you like the most.

Last but not least, Girlfriend Sept'09 - Back home, Emma Watson still steals the limelight; although glancing at the cover, the Twilight torso insert managed to take away my attention from her for a little why. Umm; boys and their abs...

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