Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to Routines

Back in Melbourne! So far the weather hasn't been so harsh on me, although hearing that Sydneysiders are enjoying a warm 20*, I'm quite jealous.

My work experience at Who and Dolly went well. I had a fabulous time; probably the most amazing two weeks I ever had in a while. :)
At both magazines, I got to work in various departments - mainly editorial, fashion and beauty. In the first few days at Who, I had unpacked 3 massive luggages worth of clothes, bags and shoes; not to mention arranging & returning items from the rest of the closet. This was where my obsession to organize my wardrobe the skill I've learnt from tidying floordrobe/wardrobe come in handy.
At Dolly, I had so much fun with the friendly bunch of editorial team, along with the other 2 workies (Belle & Josey). This is the world where 'I read too much Teen Vogue' become relevant and beneficial to the work I'm doing.

But of course, it's not all glitzy and glamorous. Behind every glossy you see in the newsagent, is a massive team that works hard everyday (hello, deadlines!). I'm really grateful to have the chance to be a part of it.

“ Fashion is not an “easy” career path and this is especially true for the NYC fashion world. If you are not a strong and capable person to begin with than this is not the place for you…Unfortunately the misconceptions that films and TV give of working in the fashion industry have been matched by the unrealistic fictionally glamorized life of an intern courtesy of The Hills. Thanks to MTV a whole generation of young people see a fashion internship as a fun, empty headed, way to spend a summer and the reputation of fashion as a fluff job continues." via 39thandbroadway

Now, I'm back to uni & all that jazz,
but I promise I'll do something about this blog.


*this daisy said...

welcome back, C! :)
glad you had a good experience. it's exciting to be a part of something great and do something we've always loved, isn't it? as i type this, i am sitting at the intern's desk (next to the beauty writer's!) at the Seventeen office. pure joy.

looking forward to more updates! x

Celia said...

Ahh, the joy of sitting to beauty writer.. There's something about it, yes? I was in the same spot when I was at Dolly last week. :)
I'm sure you'll have a great time at Seventeen too.
Wootz.. go interns (or workie, in my case)!