Monday, July 6, 2009

Sydney Sider

Hello again, and this time, it's hello from Sydney! :)
Just to let you know, considering it's winter, the weather here is greaaaat (the sun exist) - especially in comparison to Melbourne (the windy windy rain, freezing weather sometimes forget to stop).

Yeah, so here I am in Sydney. I left Melbourne on Sunday morning, arrived in the afternoon and so far, I had been having a fantastic time (minus the public transport confusion).
I'm gonna be here in Sydney for two weeks and be back to Melbourne just on time for uni to start.

This Sydney trip is quite special because it's my first trip to Sydney and I'm not just here for a holiday. This week, I am doing a work experience with Who magazine. And should everything goes according to plan, I'll be doing a work experience with Dolly next week.
Can you smell the excitement?! :D

Today, I started my first day at Who and I'm already lovin' it. I hope the rest of the week goes well and I'll be soaking up as much fun and learning experience as I could while I'm here!
Wish me luck.

PS, If you're looking forward to some glossy reviews, I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait a little bit longer.
I still have no Teen Vogue with me.

Kisses from across Sydney Harbour Bridge,


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*this daisy said...

Glad you're having fun at your work experience so far, C. :) And congrats, too! I myself am starting a 2 month internship with Seventeen Malaysia tomorrow. I am both nervous and excited! Arggghhh! Hehe. Have a blessed rest of the week. God keep you! x