Monday, December 29, 2008

Teen Vogue February 2009: Leighton Meester

Alrighty, since I've been absent from posting review for the last two issues of Teen Vogue, this one comes as soon as I get my hands on the magazine. Read on...
Teen Vogue Feb 2009 featuring the one and only, Leighton Meester.
My first reaction:
- Meester finally got the spot she deserved. Personally, I like her better than Blake Lively. And I also happen to adore Blair Waldorf. So everytime a magazine chooses Lively for a covergirl, I think it's only fair if they make it a double-cover edition with Meester for the other one. Nylon gave a good example last time.
- This issue is probably the thinnest issue of Teen Vogue I've ever had in my entire 3 years of scrutinizing it. Back to back, it's a total of 122 pages.
If you're an avid reader of Teen Vogue, you'd noticed that the Letter from Editor is printed on the right page of the magazine. Nothing major, but it's a noticeable change.

Covergirl Leighton Meester shares about her experience as Blair Waldorf (Meester doesn't wear headband, ever!), her childhood and her upcoming debut album. Read more.
Highlight of the issue:
People Watching - featuring the Olsen twins, Kristen Stewart, Lily Allen with her new look, Malia Obama, Emma Roberts, Alexander Wang & model Alice Dellal, plus Kate Bosworth.

Special Report on three Teen Vogue's covergirls last year: supermodel Chanel Iman, Karlie Kloss and Ali Michael.

You've Got Male: swept on Twilight frenzy - the Cullens, Jacob and James.

Fade to Blue fashion spread: I always love a group photoshoot. Love the basic colour too. Bright or fluoro colour, as featured in Neon Nation, aren't exactly my cup of tea.

Ads: Daisy Lowe makes her debut in Marc Jacobs ads and Taylor Swift in Got Milk campaign. Madonna posing for Louis Vuitton, yikes.
On the whole, this issue is worth having (if Leighton Meester on cover haven't won you already). Teen Vogue makes an effort to show us how to get more style with less money. Although I must say, it's not its strongest point - a few affordable pieces here and there, but not many of us go to school with a bag costing $348.

The story about Marrisa Ayala in the article Life Safer is a great read. I find it slightly different that what normally Teen Vogue would present, but it could be the fact that it is written by a new refreshing talent, Angela Wu - a classmate of Marrisa Ayala.

Love, C.


Julia said...

Oooh I had the same reaction when I saw this issue - Meester totally deserves it! :)

Great review, C. Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

Celia said...

Hi Julia,
Hope you had a blissful X'mas too.
Happy New Year'09!