Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Internship at Girlfriend Indonesia

Unfamiliar with these Girlfriend mag covers? Surprise! Yes, Girlfriend AU actually has a one-year-old sister who totally speaks in different language and all that. Ha!

For the past three weeks or so, I’ve been interning at Girlfriend Indonesia. It has been fun (and I hope the fun continues). I initially applied for a work experience at Girlfriend AU, but the placement for 2008 is full. When I mentioned I’d be going overseas this summer, Girlfriend AU Editor Sarah Cornish actually helped me to get in contact with the editor of GF Indonesia.

Overall, GF Indo has similar concept to GF Au – Self Respect, Glamouriser, GF Gets Real, GF Top 5, etc. But it also has different contents and slightly different style to GF AU. The first edition of GF Indo was launched in November 2007, so yeah, it was only 12 issues ago. But I have to applaud the team, not because I’ve been working with them, but because they deserve it! I could see the tough the competition is in the teen magazine in Indonesia. There are, literally, millions of teen fashion magazines over here, and to keep one going takes a lot of effort.

My days here have been filled with fun and creative activities. It really opens up my eyes to the magazine industry I’m hoping to work in near future.
Who said working in a magazine is all about glam? We actually work long hours and deadlines are unpleasant (yet motivating). At the moment, the office is busy preparing the January issue – running around preparing fashion shoots, articles and all that. Needless to mention, I’ve enjoyed some of the incredible highlights in the past two weeks – like, pre-screening to Twilight (yay!), JakJazz music festival and probably celeb-spotting (I get more of surprised rather than star-struck because I actually have almost-zero knowledge about the local celebs *grins*).

As my internship goes on, I’m hoping to contribute to the magazines in many different ways and enjoy it while I can. I’ll be keeping you update (fingers crossed) and perhaps, apologies for not giving you scoops to the other latest glossies because as I’ve mentioned before, international glossies are rather scarce.



The latest issue of GF Indo (December) is also bitten with vampire love featuring Kristen Stewart on the cover. This cover actually looks better than the one in Teen Vogue, don’t you think?


MaGaZine JunKie said...

Yupp...Indonesian GF = one of the most kweul magz in indo !! Btw who's the january cover girl ??

Natassya Monica said...

i almost dyin to find this mag. i cant found it anywhere. huaa. btw. r u an intern? which departmnt?
so u live in indo?
huaa. i reallly100x want to work at magz.. huaa
hhehe btw, nice to know ya ;)

fhen said...

i love girlfriend indonesia ! :)

Celia said...

Elco: January issue is Zooey Deschanel, as I've told you.

Natassya Monica: Hi! Yes, I'm currently interning at GF Indonesia. I'm from Indo but I live in Melbourne, AU but yeah, it's summer break and I get to go back home. I'm a reporter there.
Nice to know you too. And if you're in Jakarta, Kinokuniya usually have a stack of GF Indo.

fhen: Yeah, it's pretty cool! <3