Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight Pre-Screening

One of the most awesome part of being in a magazine is you’ve got invited to exclusive event. Last week, I attended Twilight pre-screening in Jakarta – an event that was arranged by Girlfriend magazine.

The whole Twilight frenzy in Indonesia, in my opinion, is not as extreme compared to what Australia or USA had. But it doesn’t mean that they’ve got no interest at all. Fans of Twilight here have their own fan club and yeah, Twilight makes a lot of people giddy.

Okay, now "Twilight" the movie…

The movie is not bad at all – but it is not incredibly amazing. It’s just good – satisfying to my craving of Twilight movie. The development of Bella and Edward’s relationship is cut-short, leaving a lot of details about how Bella feels about Edward and vice versa. People who haven’t read the book were actually confused by small facts like, why Edward’s eyes change colour, why he behaves so coldly towards Bella and why he has ‘that look’. (I think they have yet to grasp the concept of Edward is vampire and his ‘strange’ behaviour).

It was so funny when Dr.Carlisle made his first appearance (hospital scene), someone sitting next to me actually commented, “Gosh, he looks so white and strange.”
I think Dr.Carlisle looks the best as the vampire… Kudos to the makeup artist.

My favourite part of the movie has to be the scene where Edward and Bella come to school together. The stupid-shiny-volvo-owner is looking really good and the background music really suits that scene. And I think in that scene does marks the ‘togetherness’ of Bella and Edward; how Edward becomes a part of Bella’s life from then on.

What I don’t like the most is probably the scene at Biology class, where the fan blows directly at Bella (it makes her look as if she was in a corny music video clip, gosh) and Edward stares at her with his cold stares plus I-want-to-vomit-look. I was expecting the hilarious comment, “Did you just stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what?” from Mike or Eric to be included in the movie, but it wasn’t.
And does anyone wonder about the part shown in the trailer where Emmet says, “This is wrong, Edward! She’s not one of us!” Did I blink and missed that part or was it edited out from the movie?

On the whole, the book definitely wins over the movie. But if you haven’t got a chance to read it, had no clue about what Twilight is and want to watch the movie, I suggest you browse around for quick guides for Twilight so you’ll get some background about little things about it.
I personally think the movie is made firstly to cater those who have read the book and secondly, to the others. Anyway, it’s still a good watch.
If you couldn’t find anything exciting about Twilight (which is quite impossible), I’ll tell you one: the Cullens are definite eye-candies. Edward, Jasper, Emmet and Dr.Carlisle; pick your fave and off you go to some hottest vampire sightings!

Twilight Indonesia is holding a Twilight gathering “Decoding Twilight” at Kinokuniya, Plaza Senayan this Saturday afternoon. Feel free to come! I’ll be there too.

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frangipani princess said...

lol i saw it yesterday and my friend and i were totally wondering where the emmet scene went too, so it's not just you. I found edwards expression in the first day of biology hilarious, he looked like he was about to vomit. Robert Pattinson just isn't an amazing actor, and I think that ruined it for me...

gg xx