Saturday, January 10, 2009

TV time: The City

Has anyone watched MTV newest reality show The City? I'm curious to find out and probably will give the first few episodes a go. Although my previous relationship with 'reality' show never last long (The Hills: 6 episodes on YouTube; Laguna Beach: I just knew the cast, didn't watch the show at all)...

The City is a spin-off of The Hills; where leading girl Whitney Port made her debut in reality show as Teen Vogue intern (me: was jealous). Four TV-seasons and endless drama later, Whitney take up a new job in New York. Now, The City follows Whitney Port on her new job at fashion house Diane Von Furstenberg. Over there, she'll also have a new start on her love life and you know, the other dramas in life. The rest of the main cast are Olivia Palermo, Jay Lyon, Erin Lucas, and Adam Senn.

Reading people's commentaries and reviews, The City is, so far, on a positive note. Be it for its staged drama, the fashion or the NY scenery (there's a big deal of what uptown or downtown is.)

Besides Whitney, the most talk-about girl from the show is Olivia Palermo - a NY socialite and works with Whitney in DVF.

WWWD's Girl of the Month.

WWWD says: Palermo is a master at blending inexpensive pieces, high-end designer items, and vintage articles to establish her sophisticated style. She keeps things interesting by trying several different shapes and lengths, rather than playing it safe in a single silhouette.

I think after SATC and GG, we're definetely more aware that fashion definetely plays a huge influence in a TV show. After all, if you are not a reality TV-shows lovers, at least the fashion could woo you in.

I'll keep my eyes open to watch this one.

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