Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dolly February 2009

Gorgeous newest Dolly cover!

Bought this because...
- I miss having an Ozzie mag (taste of home)
- The cover... (the Gossip Girl duo;'s hard to miss this one)

But otherwise... I think GF (Au) would be a better buy (based on 30-second judging while flipping the pages)

What's inside:
- 42 Next Big Actors, featuring RobPatt, Sprous Brother (Zac & Cody), Corbin Bleu, David Henrie, Metro Station, Lucas Gabreel & more.

- A Gossip Girl intro for those who have no clue who Chuck Bass and friends are.

- Fashion spreads: shot in Manhattan & a Valentine-themed.

- Feature article about getting famous and all that (This left me wondering whether we should go for audition or not).

- Dolly Doctor: a thorough explanation about Sex Contraception.

Complete review would be up soon*.
*Soon - once I get in touch with good I'net connection. Promise.
I'll be away from comp for a while.


Julia said...

haha agreed! I do think that compared to Dolly, GF is always worth buying. I don't know, I seem to be naturally drawn to GF's layout and always find Dolly's one a little messy. Can't wait for your full review! :) Have a blessed week, C! Jesus bless ya.

Anonymous said...

love this blog