Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Russh, Frankie, Vanity Fair and Teen Vogue

After a short period of 'dullness' in my magazines shelves, I finally get some refreshment as these four magazines hits the newsstand (a while ago but I just had my chance to flick through it): Russh, Frankie, Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair!

Russh and Frankie are my subtitute magazines for everything not-so-commercialized. Both magazines have fresh features that other magazines rarely focus on. Leslie Arfin makes her 2nd column in Russhh, talking about things she enjoys at home after being away for a while. Frankie has an awesome art poster that makes me want to buy the magazine, just for the sake of it. And also for their review on Biscuit Dunk-ability.

Teen Vogue August issue is usually among my favourites throughout the year. Maybe because I could easily relate myself with the word "School". As per normal, the 'Preppy' style is the main idea for the issue. This year, it's about mixing prep with boyish looks and punk(?).
Amanda Seyfried makes the cut as cover girl.

Vanity Fair brings the Hollywood Next Wave, featuring Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, and Twilight Kristen Stewart alongside Mamma Mia/Mean Girls Amanda Seyfried and Emma Roberts. I always love star-studded issue! Other Gossip Girl cast is undoubtedly a part of it, also Hunter Parrish, Jonas Brother and Juno's Olivia Thrilby.

One missing actor that I think should have been included is Twilight Robert Pattinson. With Twilight by far already creating quite hype, and Robert (his role as Edward Cullen) dazzling the fans, I bet he could own the next 10 years. VF should really consider Pattinson to be in the list. But hey, the magazine doesn't have enough pages to put everything we wanted. And that's why they put the complete Gossip Girl cast to make it up.

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