Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Filthy Rich Girls on TV

Following the success of Gossip Girl, CW is in the making of another TV Series based on the book "How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls" by Zoey Dean (author of the A-List).

The story follows Megan Smith, a Yale graduate, who tries to pay her $75K college loan by tutoring the rich heiresses of cosmetic company, Rose and Sage Baker. Of course, her job doesn't sound as easy as it seems. Love/hate relationship quickly blossomed throughout her journey - to the girls, the new Prince Charming and her 'new' self.

I read the book earlier this year and if the TV series followed the story in the book, I'm mostly looking forward to all the funny fashion mishaps Megan has to go through (think Princess Diaries) and the scandal that arises later on in the story.

The show would star Joanna Garcia, Lucy Hale and Ashley Newsbrough. It is currently in production with numerous working titles like, "Privileged", "Filthy Rich Girls" and "Surviving the Filthy Rich." Hmmm, decision, decision.

Speaking of the filthy rich, NY Times reports about one great influence on the upcoming Fall (US) fashion: Gossip Girl. As we've learned (and probably tried ourselves), girls are now taking Serena, Blair and little Jenny as their every-day fashion muses. Stores are obviously milking their profits but that's fine. Just one thing: please don't let Gossip Girl gets overly-saturated with product placement. That would be sickening; I can't even concentrate on the story line as I have to deal with whatever brand that appears on the screen.

PS, As I've learned from GG as well, if you don't have the financial support to splurge like Blair does, let's learn from Jenny. She mixes her Mum's vintage with something modern, or makes her own dresss; well, kinda - but you get the gist.

And meanwhile Filthy Rich Girls is still on production, Gossip Girl Season 2 commencing only in two months, I've been entertaining myself with Lipstick Jungle. It's the sister to SATC -very much alike yet different. I watch it because Supernatural is finished with its season and who doesn't find Kirby Atwood hot?

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