Thursday, August 21, 2008

Korean Style

I have a slight fascination with magazines in foreign language I don't understand. A few times I've read or rather, flip through French magazines like Jalouse & Blast while trying to understand the caption & articles.

So Lindsay Lohan made a stylish comeback via the first issue of Nylon Korea (launched 18th Aug), photographed by Nylon editor himself. Although the styling & clothes receives a good comeback, Nylon gets criticism for choosing LiLo to be in the cover.

Another Korean magazine that I've been looking at is Vogue Girl. It's like the Teen Vogue of Korea. Their cover reminds me of Elle Girl (folded). They do have some amazing fashion spread
that makes you want to go to dreamland. Also, they happen to feature a lot of interesting stuff from the blogosphere - ranging from fashion, illustration to handmade accesories. Love them.

Here's the link, so your procrastination can start now...
(if you desperately want to understand the article, Google translation is one click away)

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